Workspace for social impact organizations.
It’s our mission to support the people and enterprises who are working to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, by providing them with donated workspace in their local area.

We do that by matching nonprofit social impact organizations, known as ‘Residents’, with donated seats or offices at one of our workspace ‘Hosts’

Spend more of your budget on social good.
Our Social Impact Residency program enables social entrepreneurs to reduce infrastructure costs and spend more of their time, and more of their budget, on social good. Every workspace is professionally managed and comes fully equipped, ready for your arrival. That means you can free up valuable resources to focus on the things that matter: growing your organization and expanding your reach to help more people, more of the time.

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If you’re a nonprofit organization operating within the social impact sector, we want to hear from you. Apply to become a Resident with the All Good Work Foundation today.

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All Good Work is connecting non-profit organizations with supportive business center environments in an effort to help you, the non-profit, reach your full potential of success in your charitable pursuits.

Uniting Non-Profits With Donated Workspace
We unite non-profits with reputable business centers all across the country who are providing donated space to organizations working hard to make a difference.

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Apply to the program to become a Resident. All Good Work will then connect your foundation with the best space for your organization's needs. We will align your charity with the appropriate host that will help you best serve your mission.

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From independent coworking spaces to multinational business centers, our Hosts are transforming the world of work by offering much-needed space to social enterprises in their area.

Train of Hope:
This cause has won global recognition for the innovative way in which it brings the best of modern medicine to remote rural areas in South Africa; It forms an integral part of local community structures, supplementing or supporting existing facilities.
Radical Health:
Radical Health is a minority - women owned, social impact organization. They are a group of people committed to exploring new ways of improving healthcare. No boundaries, no limits. Community collaborating around change.
Unspoken Smiles:
The Unspoken Smiles Foundation provides fellowships for young women ages 18-35 to become dental assistants, capable of educating their communities about the importance of oral health and providing early interventions for children through oral hygiene assessments and dental cleanings.
Tools & Tiaras:
Tools & Tiaras wants and seeks change making intentional changes about the way we view and portray�what�constitutes "women�work"�will help foster the change that�society needed�desperately�since yesterday. Tools & Tiaras wants and will be part of this movement of change.
Travel Social Good:
Travel+SocialGood are a community of changemakers,united by a love of exploration and doing good. Their community is made up of more than 15,000 travel professionals around the world who are committed to improving our world through tourism.
RIF stands for those fleeing persecution. Since 2006, RIF Asylum Support has been an entry-point and navigator for refugees seeking asylum. They provide legal and social services that help asylum seekers get back on their feet and rebuild their lives
Geeks Rule
Geeks Rule promotes the study of and engagement with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among underserved youth. Their vision is to eliminate the racial, gender and socioeconomic gap in the STEM fields to meet the growing need for STEM professionals in the United States
Base Community
BASE is a modern, urban community living space for young adults with learning differences or social challenges. BASE provides support and innovative programming onsite to enable young adults with special needs to live independently, find community and build life skills.
Pathfinders Justice Initiative
PJI seeks to eradicate modern day slavery (sex trafficking) and the exploitation of women and girls in the developing world through judicial reform, empowerment and community transformation. PJI reaches beyond pity into the realm of Compassion.
Theatrical Culinary Productions
The Theatrical Culinary Project is an immersive play and dining experience in development. Submerged in a multi-layered play that explores the complicated emotional, cultural and socio-economic dynamics that coexist within the walls of a restaurant on any given night.
Angel Wish
Angelwish provides the public an easy way to grant wishes to the millions of children that are living with chronic illnesses around the world. 100% of individual donations are used for program services and those funds incorporate an educational component giving young people a hands-on lesson in philanthropy.
Evaluate for Change; they are dedicated to shifting the social sector towards a more data-driven and results-oriented industry, all while remembering people are more than just numbers.Teaches organizations, foundations, donors, and governmental social programs to use data and evaluation.
FAF is a nonprofit organization that builds friendships, advance mutual understanding, and promote global cooperation and development through transformative intercultural exchanges, youth leadership, humanitarian volunteer service, and artistic programs, which often support the United Nations and its development goals.
Frontier Health
FrontierHealth connects health care providers and health purchasers to medical innovations all over the world.There are thousands of companies in the world developing breakthrough health diagnostics and medical devices, but reaching customers is hard. Innovation is the key to a healthier life.
Working with traumatized children in Afghanistan, consulting for Save the Children in the Gaza Strip and creating various youth initiatives for refugee children in the Middle East. Ethical Nonconformity Education (ENE) � challenging the status quo, harmful herd mentality and exploitative authority to advance humanism around the globe.
Weekly Memo
The Memo is devoted to helping women take control over their careers by providing access to spaces, community, and curriculum to guide them in their career development. Our mission is to motivate and encourage women to achieve their personal and professional goals with balance, generosity, integrity, and resilience.
Everyone has limitations, and Adaptlab collaborations make them unlimited. AdaptLab Productions filmmakers can confidently put out great media development program for developmentally challenged youth, especially autistic